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Antique Stone Fireplaces 1 | 2 | 3


Antique stone fireplace with a top trumeau Antique Reclaimed Fireplace mantle with an overmantle
An elegant Italianate antique stone fireplace An antique Stone Fireplace by Ancient Surfaces
A very unique ancient reclaimed Italian Limestone fireplace mantel A very unique ancient reclaimed Italian Limestone fireplace mantel
A special antique salvaged and restord stone fireplace surrond with hearth This unique limestone surround has a very nice keystone
An elegant stone surround installed with a hearth and herringbone bricks inside the box an important example of a reclaimed medieval era limestone fireplace mantle available in our local stock
An impressive stone fireplace with a carved panel a 15th century antique stone surround with overmantle
An ancient 17th century English Jacobean style Bolection fireplace mantel surround An ancient 17th century English Jacobean style Bolection fireplace mantel surround
An ancient 15th century French Provence Style An ancient 15th century French Provence Style

Antique Stone Fireplaces 1 | 2 | 3



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The ultimate in both frugality and luxury could be successfully accomplished in one’s home through the installation of an ancient reclaimed stone mantle. The heat and light feels almost warmer when radiating from a burning log inside one of our antique fireplaces.

Enjoy the warmth of a flame emitted from one of our stone fireplaces and experience that same feeling of contentment today as our ancestors did centuries before us while sitting next to their old fireplaces...

It’s a basic sentiment shared by all people regardless of time and space and is as old as recorded history itself. Our old limestone fireplaces are rooted in the deep French and Italian tradition of stone mantle carving and can single handedly metamorphose the look of your home and transform your living area into your desired dreamscape.

Here’s what the Roman writer and statesman Cicero wrote 2000 years ago about his stone fireplace: “There’s no place more delightful then one's own fireplace in one’s own home."


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