Antique Stone Pool Fountains

Old Pool Fountains


Antique Wall Fountains

Old Wall Fountains


Antique Fireplace Mantles

Antique Fireplaces


Antique Entryways

Antique Entryways


Antique Biblos Stone

Biblos Stone


Antique Kronos Stone

Kronos Limestone


Antique Foundation Slabs

Antique Slabs


Antique Terracotta Jars

Old Terracotta Jars


Antiqe Doors, Shutters and Windows

Old Wooden Doors


Antique Flat Wall Stone cladding

Flat Wall Stone Cladding


Kitchen Stone Ranges

Kitchen Stone Ranges


Old Stone Columns

Old Stone Columns


Antique Marble Floors

Antique Marble Floors





New Stone Pool Fountains

New Pool Fountains


New Hand Carved Wall Stone Fountains

New Wall Fountains


New Hand Carved Fireplace Mantles

New Stone Fireplace


Antique Stone Wells

Antique Stone Wells


Antique Arcane Stone

Arcane Stone


Antique Millenium Stone Planks

Millennium Stone


Antique Stone Benches

Stone Benches


Ancient Stone Sinks

Old Stone Sinks


Antique Stone Planters and Troughs

Old Stone Planters


Antique rough Wall Stone cladding

Rough Stone Cladding


Cement Squared Tiles

Cement Squared Tiles


Antique Metal Gates

Antique Metal Gates


Stone Carved Tubs

Hand Carved Stone Bath Tubs

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Antique Biblical Stone by Ancient Surfaces

This site is brought to you by the people of Ancient Surfaces based in Europe and the Mediterranean.

For the past Fifteen years our chief creative director and designer has been carefully restoring and diligently supervising the piece by piece reassembly of every antique stone fountain, stone fireplace and stone entryway we have in stock. 

She merges her keen eye for design with her scholastic savvy of historical ratios and architectural scaling when restoring or supervising the hand carving of each of our unique art pieces.

Antique Stone Fireplaces by Ancient Surfaces

On behalf of all our staff at Ancient Surfaces we would like to invite you to browse our exclusively available old stone and new stone elements shown in each category.

From our captivating ancient pavers to our prized unique garden elements we're confident that you'll fall in love with many of our unique pieces we've showcased...

Antique Entryway by Ancient Surfaces

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