Antique Stone Pool Fountains

Old Pool Fountains


Antique Wall Fountains

Old Wall Fountains


Antique Fireplace Mantles

Antique Fireplaces


Antique Entryways

Antique Entryways



Antique Biblos Stone

Biblos Stone



Antique Kronos Stone

Kronos Limestone



Antique Foundation Slabs

Antique Slabs



Antique Terracotta Jars

Terracotta Jars



Antiqe Doors, Shutters and Windows

Old Wood Doors



Antique Flat Wall Stone cladding

Flat Stone Cladding



Kitchen Stone Ranges

Kitchen Stone Ranges



Old Stone Columns

Old Stone Columns



Antique Marble Floors

Antique Rare Marble Tiles




New Stone Pool Fountains

New Pool Fountains


New Hand Carved Wall Stone Fountains

New Wall Fountains


New Hand Carved Fireplace Mantles

New Stone Fireplace


Antique Stone Wells

Antique Stone Wells



Antique Arcane Stone

Arcane Stone



Antique Millenium Stone Planks

Millennium Stone



Antique Stone Benches

Stone Benches



Ancient Stone Sinks

Old Stone Sinks



Antique Stone Planters and Troughs

Stone Planters



Antique rough Wall Stone cladding

Rough Stone Cladds



Cement Squared Tiles

Cement Squared Tiles



Antique Metal Gates

Antique Metal Gates



Stone Carved Tubs

Hand Carved Stone Bath Tubs

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Antique Rough Wall Stone Cladding 1 | 2


Antique Rough Limestone Wall Cladding

Antique Rough Wall Stone Cladding 1 | 2

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Our Antique Reclaimed Rough Stone Wall Cladding that we salvage from the South of France and Mediterranean islands are perfect for the living room, dining room even for the shower walls, back splashes and the entire exterior of your home.

Those rough wall stones shown above are some of our favorite stone wall cladding elements that have been used for generations on homes farmhoused and city walls for at lease 400 years straight.

The rough texture of our wall stone will give your home a feel of perpetual serenity and countryside frugality no matter how modern your home style is.

It's also noteworthy of mentioning that rough crystalline Mediterranean limestone such as our wall cladding stone collection is one of the few types of stones in the world suitable for all wall stone cladding needs including spa and pool installations, fireplace facings and interior firebox lining.

Similar stones in composition have lasted thousands and thousands of years even when being directly exposed to the harsh climate of the coastal sea shore of the Mediterranean where countless ancient cities and trading posts have sprawled and have continued to exist since the dawn of antiquity till today.

Direct exposure to high level of ocent salinity is no problem for this stone what so ever since it's an Oolitic limestone and was created under water so many millions of years ago.

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