Antique Stone Pool Fountains

Old Pool Fountains


Antique Wall Fountains

Old Wall Fountains


Antique Fireplace Mantles

Antique Fireplaces


Antique Entryways

Antique Entryways


Antique Biblos Stone

Biblos Stone


Antique Kronos Stone

Kronos Limestone


Antique Foundation Slabs

Antique Slabs


Antique Terracotta Jars

Terracotta Jars


Antiqe Doors, Shutters and Windows

Old Wood Doors


Antique Flat Wall Stone cladding

Flat Stone Cladding


Kitchen Stone Ranges

Kitchen Stone Ranges


Old Stone Columns

Old Stone Columns


Antique Marble Floors

Antique Rare Marble Tiles




New Stone Pool Fountains

New Pool Fountains


New Hand Carved Wall Stone Fountains

New Wall Fountains


New Hand Carved Fireplace Mantles

New Stone Fireplace


Antique Stone Wells

Antique Stone Wells


Antique Arcane Stone

Arcane Stone


Antique Millenium Stone Planks

Millennium Stone


Antique Stone Benches

Stone Benches


Ancient Stone Sinks

Old Stone Sinks


Antique Stone Planters and Troughs

Stone Planters


Antique rough Wall Stone cladding

Rough Stone Cladds


Cement Squared Tiles

Cement Squared Tiles


Antique Metal Gates

Antique Metal Gates


Stone Carved Tubs

Hand Carved Stone Bath Tubs

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Antique Stone Planters and Pedestals


Antique twins rams head stone planters Antique Scaloped shaped rectangular stone planter ideal for succulants
A pair of antique French Empire stone planters circa 19th century covered with acanthus motifs great for planting Brackens in. Antique Limestone Planters Pair
Antique reclaimed English gothic revival stone planters circa 15th Century ideal for planting succulants in. A couple of 18th century French urn carved out of Limestone dating back to the 1600's perfect for lavander planting.
Antique Flower Basket Limestone Planter Antique Lion Head Stone Planter
Antique Grape Vine Limestone Planter Antique Simple Limestone Planter Pair
Antique Medicci Style Limestone Planter Antique Scaloped Marble Planter Sink
Antique Simple Limestone Planter Pair Antique Foliated Marble Planter Sink
Antique Beeded Limestone Planter Pair Antique Lion Headed and Draped Limestone Planter Pair
Antique Bird Bath Styled Limestone Planter Antique Di Medicci Limestone Planters with Pedastle Pair
Antique 18th Century English Style Planter Antique 19th Century Greek Style Planter
Antique 19th Century English Style Planter Antique 18th Century English Style Planter

Antique Stone Planters and Pedestals


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Adding the finishing touches to your landscape design is a must when designing the perfect outdoor living environment.

Stone planters are great for accessorizing especially when your goal is to seamlessly mesh your design layout throughout your home and garden.

Whether for planting or displaying on a well-lit stone sill or table, an antique limestone planter could add a world of charm and organic beauty anywhere you decide to showcase it in.

The one constant interior design lesson that the 20'th and 21st centuries have taught us is that no matter what design style your home of structure follow or what architectural school they we created by, integrating the indoors with the outdoors in an attempt to merge the two into one is an axiom of truth. Planters and urns bear witness to that design lesson.



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